Central Powder Coating Black Automotive Jaguar

When we were approached by a new client requesting us to complete work on aftermarket automotive parts we were excited with the prospect of completing work for such an interesting client. The images above may not give much away but these parts are from some of the most desirable British engineered cars from the 1950s and 60s.

The parts that we were tasked with completing were for cars that the official parts were either no longer in production or incredibly expensive to obtain. Our client wanted to sell a reliable aftermarket option for car enthusiasts to purchase that would offer the same look and function as the manufacturer’s original part.

Our client informed us that if one thing is certain it is that car enthusiasts are very particular about what they put into or onto the car, the closer to the original part the better. Our task was to ensure that not only these parts had top quality finish but to also ensure that they matched the look and aesthetic of the official part.

Constant contact was kept with our client so that they could check that the work met their specification and that they were pleased with the finish. After a few slight alterations to the colour and finish of the parts our client was happy for us to powder-coat the remainder of the production run.

Whilst the parts that we finished for our client tend to a very niche market our client has returned to us with orders for other parts based on their satisfaction with their initial order.


Key features of the project


  • Highly specialised range of products
  • Tight deadline
  • Close client liaison throughout
  • Finished to exact customer specification
  • Delivered on time