Central Powder Coating Red Power Suppy Housing EnclosuresCentral Powder Coating Red Power Suppy Housing EnclosuresCentral Powder Coating Red Power Suppy Housing Enclosures

When Central Profiles was commissioned to make housings for industrial electrical transformers it was clear that this was the perfect opportunity to show that we are able to manufacture products that will stand the test of time in a multitude of environments.

The product that this enclosure is part of will be used mainly within an active construction and industrial environments so it is likely to be moved around frequently and likely suffer knocks and dents through its use. The highest quality finish was required to ensure that there would be no factor that could compromise the quality of the product.


Before powder-coating an inspection of the units showed that the enclosure had been laser cut with oxygen which, whilst not uncommon, meant that each of the edges that had been cut had an oxidized edge. Powder coating over an oxidized edge leads to an inferior finish as it is more susceptible to chips and large areas of powder failing to bond to the metal. Identifying this before powder-coating gave us the opportunity discuss with our client their options and how this will impact the overall finish of the product.

Offering to clean the oxidized edges and offering advice on how to avoid this issue in the future our client decided to have the edges cleaned. We progressed with powder coating the main body of the unit in the RAL colour that our client had specified and then the face plate in a different RAL colour.

Starting with a small batch we provided our client with a sample of what the finished product would look like before completing the order. Once our client had previewed the finished product and confirmed they were pleased with the results we continued with the remaining quantity.


Even before our work had commenced on this product we were assessing it to ensure we could deliver optimum results for our client. Our attention to detail and acute knowledge of the powder coating process allowed us to identify an issue that could potentially compromise the quality of the finish.

Discussion with our client allowed them to make revisions in the production process that would mean that all future orders of this product would not require such rigorous cleaning thus saving them money when the product came to us to be finished for any future orders.

Our client was pleased with our results and chosen Central Profiles Powder Coating for future orders of the same product.

Key features of the project

  • Identifying issues that could compromise the quality of the finish
  • Liaised closely with client throughout
  • Colour finish needed to client’s specification
  • Product individually wrapped for protection